How it works

Exceptional service from start to finish

My goal is to make every aspect of your portrait session seamless and enjoyable. From our initial contact and booking a suitable date, to the actual shoot and delivery of your images.

I love creating images that tell stories and capture personality, hobbies and passions. Images that reflect emotion, love and unique relationships. Images that exceed your expectations and bring you lasting joy.

Photography Enquiry and Booking

If you're inspired by what you've seen on my website, drop me a line via the contact form, send me an email or give me a call. We can chat about your idea, the type of photographs you want and then arrange a time to shoot.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How far in advance should I book?

I recommend booking about a month before you want to be photographed. But you don't have to worry about contacting me even "last minute". You may be able to come across an available date in my diary.

Which locations do I shoot at?

That depends on our agreement. I prefer to shoot in the surroundings of Ostrava - Poruba, Plesn√°, Martinov or Pustkovec. However, I am not afraid to go somewhere else. For example, to your home or to another place you like, if the place is really worth it. In case of bad weather we can reschedule the photo shoot.

What happens on the day of the shoot?

It's best to start the shoot first thing in the morning, say around 8am (the time given may vary depending on the season) so that you are at your best, full of energy and smiles. If you are shooting outside, the light is beautiful at this time of day, and the parks and streets are empty. These are the best conditions for creating beautiful and completely unique photographs.

I work in a relaxed and natural style. A portrait session (depending on the package you choose) usually takes two hours, but since I usually only do one shoot a day, I am quite flexible. We can even take a small break - for example, for cookies and/or coffee.

Photography is always a great joy. And what is the result? Beautiful photos where you enjoy the unique and happy moments of life.

What to wear for a photo shoot?

A monochrome, lighter coloured outfit looks best in photos, giving you a fresh look and looking just great outdoors. These can be shirts, long-sleeved shirts without prints or sweaters without bold patterns. Slashed white and pastel tops and jeans look great. Try to stay away from dark, or conversely very bright, luminous colours.

Sometimes even the most ordinary pieces of clothing look absolutely amazing, so don't be afraid to bring more variety. And especially for women: don't forget simple underwear without lace, white, black or preferably flesh-coloured. Just one that won't draw too much attention to yourself - unless that's your intention.

How to do your make-up and hair?

Wash and style your hair as you're used to, just don't grease or gel it to make it workable. For women: when it comes to makeup, remember to "put on" a little more makeup, as photography needs a little more makeup than a normal day.


Included in the packages, with the exception of the Classic Portrait, are basic image adjustments: shade or color balance, exposure, brightness, contrast, removal of minor pimples, bruises, scratches and cropping. The price does not include the removal of wrinkles, jowls, falsies, teeth whitening...

The Classic Portrait package includes retouching in fashion, beauty and life-style photography. It is done exclusively with topical adjustments and is therefore quite time consuming. It can take over an hour to edit a single image.

Prices and due dates

Prices for photography, including details of what is included in each package, are listed on the Prices and Products page, and are payable on the day of the shoot.

The price for services selected in excess of the package and any additional services are payable by bank transfer before they are processed. In the case of a request for transport of the photographer to a location outside the public transport network and/or outside the city of Ostrava, or in the case of a request for studio rental, a non-refundable deposit will be required in the amount specified in the price list under Additional Services.

If the price of the selected package or any additional payment for services selected in excess of the package and any additional services is not paid, I reserve the right not to submit the order until it has been duly paid.

Claims and data backup

I make the final selection of photographs for editing and submission. I do not provide other unedited images taken.

I archive RAW files for one month. Therefore, you can claim your photos within one month of receiving the order. I archive JPG files for one year. So if you lose your data during this period - JPG files with images from your order, I can send them to you again via There is a fee for this service, you can find the price in the price list under Additional services.

Dissatisfaction with your appearance, photographic style or the photographer's concept is not a reason to complain about the order.


All images taken are subject to copyright. For basic information on copyright, please see the Copyright simply page.

The Client has the right to use and publish the images taken (unless otherwise agreed in individual cases):

  • on paper, film, electronic and other media,
  • in original form,
  • for the purpose of its own presentation.