Copyright simply

The Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic APF and the Federation of European Professional Photographers FEP recommend using these simple rules to clarify copyright:

  1. Respect the copyrights of your photographs.
  2. Always ask the photographer for permission to use the photo.
  3. No third party has the right to grant use of the photograph. Only the photographer themselves can grant permission to use their photographs.
  4. Make sure there is no misunderstanding about the agreed price and how the photograph will be used.
  5. Only use photographs for the purpose for which you have contracted.
  6. Always try to find the photographer of the photo you want to use. Do not use photographs where you do not know the name of the photographer.
  7. Always include the name of the photographer with the photograph.
  8. Do not alter the crop of the photograph or otherwise tamper with the image without the photographer's permission.
  9. Be aware of the rights of third parties. Seek their permission before using the photograph.
  10. Always give a copy of the publication and other prints to the photographer.