Tell about yourself through beautiful images.

Portraits that capture your stories

Time flies inexorably. But photography can stop it, and then you can hold it in your hands. Stunning photographs beautifully evoking moments, memories, places.

My name is Petr Borovec and I am a photographer who was born, lives and works in Ostrava. I offer timeless black and white portraiture capturing the stories written on your faces. I work in a relaxed and natural style and combine a documentary approach with classic portrait photography. Using creative composition and beautiful light, I create simple and beautiful images that are completely unique to you.

Ready to stop time?

Enjoy an informal portrait session in nature or another location you love. By combining story-telling images with beautiful portraits, together we will record moments that you and your children will fondly remember. My job is to stop time and record the memories for you and for them.

The result is beautiful photographs that capture your personality and passions.

Ready to get in touch?

I can't wait to create beautiful and completely unique photographs for you.